General Cargo

CSM is The connecting link between Cargo stakeholders and Shipowners.

CSM has decades of experience in providing logistics solutions for break bulk and project cargo. We specialize in managing time-critical transport for break bulk, oversize, and over-dimensional cargo. We have earned the reputation for providing reliable, timely, safe shipping for diverse cargo types at competitive prices. We have access to an extensive fleet of specialized heavy hauling equipment and will recommend the proper equipment type for your break bulk shipment based on cargo size, weight, access at site locations, cargo value, and delivery timeline. 

CSM will coordinate with the break bulk carriers to arrange an escort, obtain permits, order bucket trucks, and manage any customs processing needed. Our logisticians will plan the optimal route for shipping and will arrange for any equipment needed to load or unload your cargo at pick-up or delivery.


When it comes to goods transported in loose (not packed in containers), such as grain, ore, etc., CSM has a firm say, having a considerable background in the field. We have successfully handled considerable amounts of such shipments through various Iranian southern and northern ports.